Thursday, September 17, 2020

Three Lakes Valley September 17, 2020

Mid September means it's time for another reason to make your way to the mountains!  Larch season is upon us!  While I have been to Chester Lake & The Elephant Rocks, I have never been up to Three Lakes Valley and that was our destination for today. The Lake & The Rocks are quite something to see to begin with, add the golds, crimsons and yellows of autumn and you are packed a punch of beauty.  My hope was the smoke would not hinder our experience and I was pleased it did not.  At a level rating at 3 out of 10, there was no smell, no stinging of the eyes nor throat yet there was a haze that hung over.   
We arrived at The Elephant Rocks above Chester Lake to see the larch trees were making good progress in turning that golden colour.  Some I would say were at their prime.  This surprised me but then again it is mid September and we were at a higher elevation location.  
I scrambled up onto The Rocks for a bird's eye view!
view as we worked our way through Three Lakes Valley
heading for the first lake which is up over the boulders on the right
By now the breeze had died down and we were afforded a perfect reflection.  
This was designated as our lunch spot.   After dining, I scooted up slope to be one with the colours.
looking down to where my friends were
Slowly we began to gather our gear to make our way back.  We lingered in doing so, it appeared no one really wanted to leave. We sauntered slowly but surely.  I made sure to still take in all the sights and captured some sweet seconds in time.  
view of Chester Lake 

Let your heart find love!  
That was an easy task today!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

a fresh start September 16, 2020

September to me always felt like the time to make a fresh start, time to turn a new leaf!  I am sure it must relate to the days when I headed back to school or went off to university.  September meant buying new clothes, collecting new educational supplies, making new friends and constructing new routines.  This year a fresh start in September means building a new blog!  When my internet provider went through a migration in mid August, I was left with no access to make new posts on Making Waves on top of the world on my computer.  Since the migration I have been posting from another source which requires finding round about ways to make it work which has been time consuming and not user-friendly at all.  I like easy, quick, simple and clean and I hope this will be the case for my new blog still Making Waves on top of the world.    The plan is to leave my original blog available as a source of information.  I know I will be going back to it when I want to relive an adventure.  My new blog is a work in progress and this is the fresh start! 

Since our world changed, I have been enjoying more sister time than ever before and I am loving that.  The other day we spent a couple of hours walking at North Glenmore Park enjoying the sights and sorting through our life's happenings.  Today's colours are brought to you by the attire my sister choose to wear and the orange plus crimson shades which are telling us autumn is around the corner.  That is the sun shining as bright as it can through a cloud of smoke.  Smoke from the wildfires in western United States blew into Alberta causing warnings to be issued.  Our conditions are mild.  My prayers go out to those in the western United States who are experiencing devastating conditions.    

Not only is September the time for a fresh start it is a time that's all about the leaves and the trees too.  My two recent sketches acknowledge the turning of the leaves.  After taking a tutorial, it was time to lay the leaves on paper.  I am now testing a variety of paper and I'm learning the quality and kind make a difference.   The actual photo of the leaf at top left is not that pinkish tinge as it shows here.